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We offer quick and easy IVR deflection for your customers

We want to help your customers get their conversations out of their old IVR's and into LivePerson (i.e. Call to Message).

So, can we help?

Let's have a quick chat about whether we can help drive more of your customers conversations from old voice channels and into LivePerson.

(You will be talking to the Solution Architect who designed and built this solution).

Thanks for your message, we'll be in touch as soon as possible!

Couple with Mobile Phone

Here are the spoilers!


- We developed a cloud service to help LivePerson customers get voice conversations out of their existing legacy IVR and Contact centre and into LivePerson.​

- A LivePerson Solution Architect asked us to build this for a couple of their customers that were struggling with this on their own.

- We have successfully performed this for two LivePerson customers - and we'd like to help more. We can provide references (from customer and LivePerson).​

- We have deep experience in networking, communications and systems integration in the Contact Centre field - so we know how to make this complicated task easy for your customers (from end to end).

- We can spin up demo's or even be live for your customers in days not months.

What does our solution consist of?

 - A secure cloud hosted (and dedicated) connector for each customer - connecting the customer environment to LivePerson services.​

- Systems integration assistance or guidance to connect the customer environment to the connector (i.e. IVR consultancy, scripting, design, configuration etc). This can be the tricky part; luckily we have our 20 years experience in this area.​

Who are we?

- We are a Technology Consultancy based in Australia - but we are happy to work with customers all over the world.​​

- We are flexible, agile, easy to work with and eager to please. We want to help you help your customers.

So where to from here?

- If you are in Customer Success ​- are your customers deflecting voice calls into LivePerson conversations?

Contact |  Tel: 1300 368 033

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